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Negative effect of the pandemic on our lifestyles

A recent report released by Ofcom showed that adults in the UK spent nearly a third of their waking hours watching TV and online streaming and videos in 2020.

This annual report found that social restrictions caused by Covid - 19 were the main reason for people spending more time in front of a screen.  The daily average time screen time was 5 hours and 47 minutes, an increase of 40 minutes from 2019. 

Screen time is classed as sedentary behaviour and research by Sport England has found that activity levels did fall during 2020 with the number of active adults (doing at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week) decreasing and the number of inactive adults (doing less than 30 minutes of exercise a week) increasing.

A survey by Public Health England found that over 40% of people had gained weight during the pandemic.  The average weight gain was over half a stone but 1 in 5 had gained more than 1 stone. Those surveyed said that lockdown had caused them to snack and comfort eat more.

Despite research by a pharmacy chain, which showed that knowing the link between smoking and more severe Covid symptoms had meant 49% of smokers had considered quitting and 18% of smokers had cut down, it was also found that  22% of people surveyed reported smoking more since before the pandemic and 44% were smoking the same amount.

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