Lifestyle Referral Solutions

As an established provider of healthy lifestyle services within a proven, high quality infrastructure, Parkwood Healthcare is able to provide flexible, cost effective referral solutions for a variety of different needs. If your organisation is considering a lifestyle improvement service such as weight management or exercise on referral, we are able to offer an "all in one" solution to suit your specific needs, allowing you to focus on making a difference in your community.

We're able to implement secure referral pathways from GPs and other healthcare professionals, customise a specific triage and referral out framework with automated follow up facility and much more.

All of our services are able to integrate fully with other local healthcare service providers, so even if you are looking to launch a small exercise on referral service for a leisure centre, we can ensure that your service integrates with county-wide Integrated Lifestyle Services.

To really understand how we're able to support you and your project, why not get in touch so we can arrange a demonstration of our services.

Integrated Lifestyle Services

Parkwood Healthcare is a provider of complex, specialist lifestyle services.

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Child and Family Weight Management

At Parkwood Healthcare, we believe that healthy lifestyles begin at home. Our proven child and family weight management programme builds on that principle.

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RSPH and MECC Training Courses

Parkwood Healthcare is an accredited Royal Society of Public Health Training Provider.

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